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Our Software Solutions.

We have a range of pre-built software in our range the can make the day-to-day running of your business easier.

While the majority of our software can be used in many different industries and for varying tasks depending on your needs you may find that you would still like to look at the option of bespoke software, this can save you time and money and is custom built for your business, find out more here.

We offer a free demo or trial on all of our software, if you would like to discuss this, please contact our team who will be happy to assist.

See below for our full range of software currently avaialable.

Launching Early 2020

The Hospitality Manager

The Hospitality Manager is a bundle of software designed for Pubs, Bars, Clubs and Restaurants.

Designed over the course of 5 years by management and staff actively working in the industy, THM encompasses all the elements of the various areas in hospitality including ePOS, Stock Management and Ordering, Staff Management (Time and Attendance and HR), Online Bookings, Labour Forecasting and Health and Safety Compliance.

The software is designed to be a smart thinking, one stop solution for the Hospitality Industry, our expert team can match the various elements of our software to your requirements and in some cases link it to your existing software for a smooth transition.

The user friendly interface is designed members of the industry who have helped develop and shape the product so that it best fits the needs of the industry.

We are launching our pre-release phase in Summer 2019, if you work in hospitality and are interested in taking part, please register your interest here.

Membership Manager

Our Membership Management software is an easy to use solution for clubs and groups who have multiple members.

Track subs, store member data and set up mailing lists for newsletters, our software features an easy to use self service portal which intergrates in to your existing website allowing your members to update personal information, manage payments and renew membership.

We have built in functionality which allows you to decide how membership is appropved, store required documents and certification online with our GDPR compiant portal.

Virtual and Physical Membership Cards can be issued and in-depth reporting to allow transparency at committee meetings.

Starting from only £5 (GBP) $6 (USD) per month!

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